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John “Hsoi” Daub

John “Hsoi” Daub

Assistant Lead Instructor

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Assists with: all courses


NRA Certifications: Home Firearm Safety, Pistol, Rifle, Personal Protection In the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home, Range Safety Officer


Other Certifications: Texas License to Carry Instructor, NRA Eddie Eagle volunteer, Boy Scout and 4-H volunteer, Tennessee State Certified Handgun Instructor, Massad Ayoob Group Deadly Force Instructor


Memberships: NRA (Benefactor Life), International Defensive Pistol Association, Second Amendment Foundation (life), Texas State Rifle Association “Benefactor Life” member, US Practical Shooting Association (B class, Production division)


Training: Massad Ayoob Group (MAG-40), Insights Training Center (Defensive Folding Knife, Street & Vehicle Tactics), Shivworks (Combined Skills), Rangemaster (Combined Skills, Combative Pistol 2, Defensive Shotgun 1, Firearms Instructor Certification Course, Advanced Instructor Course), Cornered Cat Instructor Development (Kathy Jackson), Claude Werner (Snub Nose Revolver 1 & 2), Unthinkable (William Aprill), Tactical Rifle Operator (Paul Howe), Dr. James Williams, Aaron Marco, Texas Hunter Education, Tactical Arts (Edged Weapon Defense: Leslie Buck & Erwin Ballarta), Black belt, Kuk Sool. Training in Kali, Silat, Muay Thai, Jeet Kune Do, Western Boxing under Ray Parra, Lone Star Medics (Dynamic First Aid, Medicine X- EDC). Use of Deadly Force Instructor (Massad Ayoob Group), Direct Action Response Training (Dark Angel Medical) , Defensive Knife (Chuck Rives), Immediate Action Combatives (Cecil Burch). All classes in the KR Training program.


With IPSC Grand Master Dave Re, developed the app for the DR Practice Deck, available for iPhone and iPad.


Personal: John is a husband, father, and software developer. He is the head of Hsoi Enterprises LLC, focusing on mobile software development (iOS, web services). He likes to pick up heavy things and put them down.